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Old 01-10-2017, 06:43 AM
Windvang Windvang is offline
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Rhino CFD

Rhino3d now has a CFD plugin including free surface models. Could this be interesting for boat design use?
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Old 01-11-2017, 10:18 AM
tspeer tspeer is offline
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Originally Posted by Windvang View Post
Rhino3d now has a CFD plugin including free surface models. Could this be interesting for boat design use?
You might want to read the fine print:
PHOENICS features actvated in RhinoCFD:
- PHOENICS-VR pre-processor (standard GUI);
- PHOENICS-2015 structured sequental CFD solver;
- VTK fle handling and unstructured sequental CFD solver;
- PARSOL (Partal Solid) cut-cell geometry detecton;
- Standard turbulence model optons;
- DATMaker CAD and fle conversion feature;
- Link to POLIS (PHOENICS Online Informaton System);
- VR output to Rhino display environment and PARAView®.

PHOENICS features de-actvated in RhinoCFD:
- Two-phase and mult-phase optons;
- Mult-core and parallel-processing operaton;
- All Special-Purpose Product variants (eg CVD, ESTER, FLAIR, HOTBOX, etc);
- Body-fted coordinate meshes;
- PARSOL extensions (S-PARSOL and X-PARSOL);
- Non-standard turbulence models (eg Mult-Fluid-Model);
- Inbuilt POLIS (PHOENICS Online Informaton System);
- PHOENICS-VR post-processor.

RhinoCFD is limited to single-phase, sequental operaton,
running under Windows and ofered at an atractve
discounted price Actvaton of special-purpose, applicatonsspecifc,
variants is available at additonal cost.
With free surface capability turned off, no body fitted grids, and only running on a single processor, it's not going to be of much utility to boat designers.
Tom Speer
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