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Old 03-16-2012, 02:12 PM
nitinoena nitinoena is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Rep: 10 Posts: 3
Location: India
I am student,and i am trying to learn tribon, can anyone please send me tutorials
my mail id is
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Old 03-18-2012, 03:45 AM
bharatverma2511 bharatverma2511 is offline
Graduate Naval Architect
Join Date: Mar 2012
Rep: 10 Posts: 2
Location: colombia
Hello Chandru,

Thanks for the reply. I would appreciate if you can help me in learning the basic design modules of Tribon. It will be grt if u have some sample project to start with.

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Old 08-10-2012, 09:00 PM
daniel.premraj daniel.premraj is offline
Daniel Danda
Join Date: Aug 2012
Rep: 10 Posts: 1
Location: India
Hey my mail Id is, would be very glad if you can send me the training files

Thanks and Regards
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Old 06-10-2013, 01:38 PM
navalarchaj navalarchaj is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
Rep: 10 Posts: 6
Location: INDIA
hello I want to learn Tribon...can you please guide me.....and please send the tuitorailas to send me the tuitorials sir.....
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Old 08-01-2013, 07:51 AM
pboug pboug is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Rep: 10 Posts: 1
Location: Greece
Hello, my e-mail is I would appreciate it if you could send me the tutorials. Thank you
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Old 06-15-2014, 12:00 AM
pdmsvn pdmsvn is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2014
Rep: 10 Posts: 26
Location: Vietnam
Hello everybody,
We have document training about module LINE in Tribon and will train for who is interesting with it. You can buy training tutorial video from us and practice. Please contact me via email:
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Old 08-11-2014, 02:12 AM
nfournar nfournar is offline
Join Date: Aug 2014
Rep: 10 Posts: 1
Location: Greece

Hey my mail Id is and I am a student naval architect. Would be very glad if you can send me the training files of Tribon Mx (lines, surface, etc. what is available)

Thanks and Regards
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Old 11-20-2014, 03:44 PM
NavArchi NavArchi is offline
Join Date: Nov 2014
Rep: 10 Posts: 1
Location: Greece
Hi, I am also a naval architect student and I am looking for tribon/aveva tutorias... if anyone has please send me to thanks and regards
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Old 10-26-2016, 06:22 AM
anuj09 anuj09 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
Rep: 10 Posts: 1
Location: India

Hi there,

I am Anuj Dave, a Naval Architect by profession. Can any one please guide me where I can get a demo version of Tribon to get famialiarised to the sfotware.

My email id is

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Old 02-12-2017, 10:54 AM
adajko adajko is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Rep: 10 Posts: 1
Location: ATHENS
Tribon Export Xml File For Calc & Hydro

Hi folks,

I really need your help.
I have completed my 3d model at surface& compartment and i want to import the xml file at calc & hydro in order to make all necessary calculations regarding the loading conditions etc..., but it is not available to export the file from Surface& compartemnt. as geometry file as there is no option for xml file.
Can someone please guide in order to import the geometry file at calc& hydro in order to start my calculations.
It would really help a tutorial if there is any.

Many thanks in advance!!
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