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Old 08-05-2008, 05:20 AM
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Trawler or purse seine information needed...!

Good day to all friends...
I am an undergraduate student taking Marine Technology course in UTM...
I am doing a project to obtain a new tonnage formula which is more better and fairer for Malaysian fishing vessel...
In order to achieve this, I need to do some example of calculation of tonnage for trawler and purse seine...
For these purpose, I need about 2 to 4 sample of trawler details particular with GA and lines plan and also 2 to 4 sample of purse seine details particular with GA and lines plan...
So, hopefully anyone from Malaysia may help me...
Please inform to me via email or mobile if possible...
I am willing to travel to your office/place to get that informations...
I am very appreciate your helps...

HP: 013-7319116
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