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Old 03-10-2017, 07:01 PM
J1234 J1234 is offline
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Trailerable modern design weekender? Lion 550?

I'm looking for a relatively straightforward small modern trailerable sailboat design suitable for a first-time builder (something on the order of 18-22'). Use would be lakes and rivers primarily for weekend trips - so it must sleep 2 comfortably, be big enough to stick a portable toilet somewhere, and have reasonably decent performance. Asthetics-wise, I like the wide beam of the mini transat boats, a plump bow, and square top mainsail. My wood working and fabrication skills are pretty good, so even if it is small I don't want to invest my time on something that doesn't have the 'look' I'd like.

I recently found the Lion 550, but have no idea if it is a good design. Also, my concern with building a sailboat is finding/spec'ing out appropriate hardware - especially something like this where it looks like there are only a handful of renders available and no actual builds.

Another design I've looked at is the Didi 23, but not thrilled with design of the cabintop, and prefer somewhat more modern lines overall.

Not sure if there are other designs I'm missing, or if anyone has thoughts/suggestions - particularly on the Lion 550.
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Old 03-11-2017, 06:24 AM
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Hi J1234,
Those both look like very nice boat designs. I really like the lines and details of that Lion 550.... hadnt seen that before... Thanks for sharing those! Im working on a little version of that myself... 15' overall though and more of a raid type micromini so not nearly as big of an interior as those.
One detail I would be interested in is how they manage their large beam upwind? If you look at these modern types of wide/pie shaped boats they have a narrow /more streamlined displacement waterlplane shape when they are heeled 15 to 20 degress upwind that drastically reduces wetted surface area when they are in displacement mode. BUT, that waterplane shape is scewed 5 to 9 degrees from the boats centerline...there are some good discussions on this other places online. Because of this (and canting keels) the mini 6.5's will have twin dagerboards that are toed in and assymetrical to line up with that scewed waterplane shape. I would be very interested to see how both of the designs you linked to address that design issue upwind? Dudley Dix is defininately a great designer of those types of boats for the home builder so I am sure he has this issue covered....but I am very interested in the details.
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