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Old 07-30-2004, 05:37 PM
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Help with Fatty Knees Lines

There is little information on the Fatty Knees by Lyle Hess in the web. I have call Edey&Duff and talked about plans and lines, there is none. I am going to build these grate little boat. She well be made with wooden lapstrakes. she may be 9ft maybe 10ft long. I have built a few boats in the past. and I have reserch the web for 3 years now on dinghy plans for sale. books etc etc. Im looking for help with the Fatty Knees lines. I have a few picture of it so far. mostly for Edey&Duff. if you have a Fatty Knees I would love to talk to you. If any of you has expiriense wih boat building lines and mold making lines, pls contact me. I postid a similar question about these boat about 2 years ago. and got no help but instid got lots of emails from people like me whanting to build one. So im hoping to see whats out there about these boat. If I cant find anyone to help me with its lines. I well build it anyways. after all these is just a personal project. it is not to be some proffesional boat. if I can make a dinghy that feels and looks as much liek that of the Fatte Knees well then I feel I did what I could. If your going to replay with some litle wooden lapstrake dinghy you seen on the net. make sure it has some of the Fatty Knees lines pls. I know that there is litle laptrake dinghys like the acord etc etc. thank for your time. Paul
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Old 07-30-2004, 05:47 PM
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I don't think you are goingot find any lines for Fatty, as it is a boat that is still in production.
Good luck with the search, though - there are a lot of plans around for little boats like that.

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Old 08-01-2004, 05:45 PM
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I new and Know im not going to find the Fatty Knees lines or plans. Im lookig to build a boat that has some of its lines. I need help with the mold making. the lines that well give me the boat im after. Im not after having the Fatty Knees. but to use some of its lines. Like Lyle Hess did when he took lines from the 12 1/2 ft herreshoff... Also if any of you hapend to have the book "a field guide to SAILBOATS second edition by Richard m. Sherwood" In it on page 12 , reads that the Fatty Kness length is 11' 6" etc etc. I never seen any Fatty Knees longer then 9ft. thats what Edey&Duff sales today. i cant find any info on one 11ft long. if anyof you has any information on these it would be grate.thanks.
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