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Old 12-04-2011, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Tony Eaton View Post
Hi porta,

Since we are generally running up creeks that are tributaries to the local lakes these are 2 way trips and we generally go as far as we can before the log jams and fallen tries become impossible. Maybe a boat that can be taken apart would facilitate at least a short portage (just walk one or two pieces at a time). Where I do "portage" a lot is getting to a spot. I have some spots that are 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile to put in from parking. In this case I stumble along with whichever cart I have works best for the situation. Keeping the pieces nested would typically be easier than a long boat, but it would be even easier with an inflatable. A draw back with the inflatable here in Texas are the number of honey locust and mesquite trees and other similar thorny plants. I've managed to put a few holes in inflatables that way. Well, good thing there is duct tape. ;-)

I also do a lot of 2 way trips as you describe, but in craft that cannot be paddled long distances. See Boat design- SOR for myself (11-20-11) post #19-23. Another way upstream over rapids is to "sail" the boat upstream without passenger weight through the fast rapids by using a tow rope and walking the shore line.
Your pirogue is a lot like a sculling shell which can be pushed with very little energy, and that is also a lot of fun. Seems like it would be hard to do in thin water creeks with limited visibility and at high speed without hitting something.
I don't run into thorns much in my travels while on water. Sometimes I do get punctures in going from parking lot to distant launch point on brushy trails, if transporting in the inflated state. Better for the boat to get punctures, than me where duct tape won't work. :-)

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I really like this boat. I may use this idea instead of the one I was planning. Still thinking about it.
Fracking is good.
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