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Page iii
long-lines, to troll, even use a purse-seine, with-
out the need for returning to the yard for rig
modifications. Not all these varieties of rig
would be carried on board these small 42-ft.
boats at once. But the crew would be able to
change the rigs themselves at their island
anchorages without recourse to special tools
and skilled mechanics.

The feature in the design which facilitates
the equipment of the various rigs is the practical
A-frame mast structure in piping which virtually
eliminates the need for wire stays. The base of
this structure also serves as part of the frame-
work for the wheelhouse. From this mast frame
a chain hoist can be suspended for lifting the
main engine out for quick overhaul. The
wheelhouse has a removable panel in its aft
bulkhead through which the engine can be
skidded onto the work deck by the crew. The
work deck itself is beamy and clear for ease of
handling traps. The hull freeboard is low for
ease of fishing operations in the warm Baha-
mian waters.

A seawater ice-machine was mounted on
deck, powered by a small diesel generator unit
installed in the lazarette. Seawater ice, one
ton every 24 hours, could be fed automatically
into the insulated fish-hold.

Cruising speed was calculated at 10 knots.
An intermittent capability of 12 to 13 knots
in smooth water was found to be available.
The boat proved to be highly maneuverable
at sea. Enough fuel could be carried for ten-day
fishing operations plus three tons of fresh

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