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This volume of the Ferro-Cement Boat-Building Manual covers plastering tools and
their use, preparation for plastering, plastering, steam curing and hull repair. It has been
assembled to give guidance to the people planning and organizing a boat-building project
and to the men physically doing the work.

Applying the mortar to a ferro-cement hull is hard work. The chemical action of
setting cement waits for no man. The people undertaking this strenuous and exacting
job must work hard and fast to properly apply the mortar to a hull. The mortar must
thoroughly penetrate the mesh, and be smoothly finished both inside and out or all the
good work preceding plastering can be destroyed.

Plastering is an extremely crftical stage of boat-building but the most rewarding.
All that precedes plastering and follows is overshadowed by the plastering job itself.
The skill of all the men working in the boatyard is on display by the finish, and water-
tightness, of the completed hull. The skill of a good plasterer will result in not only a
rugged but a smooth and fair ship which will be viewed with pride by all who see and
use her.

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Always employ and consult appropriate professionals to verify all details. Your circumstances or experience may be different. This document has not been checked for errors and is provided for general reference purposes only.