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There has been a big increase in the use of cement for the construction of boat hulls.
These hulls are commonly referred to as Ferro-Cement. They are constructed from a
combination of fine wire, small diameter reinforcing bars and sand-cement mortar.
The rapidly increasing popularity of these craft is deserved for the construction tech-
niques used to build these vessels are simple and easily learned. The materials used to
build the hulls are economical and readily available all over the world. Further, the
hulls are practical, durable and easily maintained.

This series of manuals has been prepared specifically as a training aid and guide for
ferro-cement construction. It covers the two basic construction methods currently in
use the upright welded cage and the inverted wood mold techniques. The "Upright
Welded Cage Method" is described from lofting through launching in Volume I. The
construction of a 65-foot Patrol Boat Hull is demonstrated. The "Inverted Wood Mold
Method" is described in Volume III; a combination fishing boat is used to describe this
method. This vessel is detailed from setting-up and outfitting through sea trials.
Plastering, the use of plastering tools and hull repair are described in Volume II.

The instructions are in complete detail. The construction stages have been broken down
into Jobs and Tasks. This has been done to enable the reader to absorb the information
in each task before proceeding with the next. Each task is clarified with the use of photo-
graphs. Both English and Metric units have been used when describing weights, volumes
and measurements.

The construction methods covered in this text series are visually demonstrated in Navy
Training Aid Film Series No. 5862-1-72: Ferro-Cement Boat Building No. 1 through
No. 18.

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