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  • Bottega nautica  0
    Bottega Nautica is a design team, born from the creative spirit of three young Italian yacht designers, Andrea G. Biondo, Fois Antonio and Andrea Magi. Started in 2012, after the Master in Interior Yacht Design at IED in Rome, directed by the architect Massimo Paperini. BN is specialized in sailing and motor boats design, both in Italy and abroad. Approach is simple and usable,born from the passion for the sea and for design, trying to combine the Italian nautical tradition with new contemporary trends. (Added: 7-Oct-2013 Hits: 335)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Bottega nautica
  • Buckley Yacht Design  0
    Buckley Yacht Design is an up and coming design studio with foundations built on a life time of experience within the yachting industry. Passion, Vision & Innovation Drives them, along with a desire for Perfection within their designs & processes. They personally understand the special connection between an owner and their yacht, and it is this connection which compels them to make the owners dreams become a reality. Buckley Yacht Design strives to create innovative designs which stand out, from production or semi to fully custom yachts, which can push the technological frontier of the modern contemporary yacht design. (Added: 7-Oct-2013 Hits: 365)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Buckley Yacht Design
  • bury design  9.00
    Bury Design is a studio specialising in the design and development of pleasure power and sailing craft. We strive to find the right balance of form and function - the eternal compromise of yacht design. (Added: 3-Nov-2004 Hits: 3346)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit bury design
  • Butchdesign  0
    Aurelien Lebas and Butch Dalrymple-Smith have 40 years' experience in designing yachts. Although they also do newbuilds their business now mainly concentrates on modifications and repairs of existing yachts often including statutory compliance and stability work. They also design and engineer innovative solutions relating to yachts and other maritime structures. (Added: 10-Jan-2014 Hits: 310)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Butchdesign
  • Carr Design  8.50
    Yacht exterior design, interior architecture, furniture design - Production boat and custom yacht design projects from 15' to 145' (Added: 30-Nov-2005 Hits: 2602)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Carr Design
  • Charles Neville Associates  9.50
    Chuck Neville has been designing deep water Motor Yachts, Trawlers, and MotorSailers for over 25 years. Over that period work has included boats from 29 to 100 feet designed for both fiberglass and metal construction. Most recently focus has been on moderate sized cruising boats for steel or steel and aluminum construction. In addition Charles Neville associates is active in the design and certification of commercial vessels, including motor catamarans, intended for Coast Guard small passenger service. Chuck is always happy to correspond or talk with owners or builders about their individual plans and dreams. (Added: 30-Aug-2004 Hits: 4533)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Charles Neville Associates
  • Choydesign  10.00
    Designers since 1957 of performance and luxury-cruising multihulls, both power and sail. Consultants for commercial operations including destination resorts. (Added: 23-Sep-2001 Hits: 3774)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Choydesign

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